Band Man mk-ⅱのオリジナル曲①「クズな世の中(Bogan World)」

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 皆さん、いつも私たちのブログをお読みくださってありがとうございます。Band Man mk-ⅱです。今回は、私の作った曲をご紹させていただくためにこの場をお借りしました。

 今回ご紹介する曲は「クズな世の中(Bogan World)」という歌です。日ごろの鬱憤を晴らすべく、攻撃的な歌詞となっています。




 私、Band Man mk-Ⅱの音楽の趣味が1920年代のミュージックホールなどから1960年代のロック、1970年代のハードロックあたりなので、その年代の音楽を参考にしながら独自のエッセンスを盛り込んでいこうと思います。


 世の中はもう廃れてる やばい奴らがはびこって
 どこで殺されるかわからない 逃げるが勝ちかもな・・・。

 金が無いから非行に走る 金がある奴は嘲笑う
 いつも世の中は不平等 永遠に良くなることは無い

  政治家の税金無駄遣いで 俺たちは苦しくなる一方
 でかい家も余裕の暮らしも 一生叶わない夢です

 会社勤めは愚痴ばかり ルーティンな毎日に飽きて
 酒を飲んでも 煙草吸っても 浮かばれない労働者たち

 茶利で帰ってくる時も 常に周りに要注意
 登下校の最中は 危険と隣り合わせ

 まともじゃないこの世の中で 生きる術は二つのみ
 染まって生きるか 染まらずに生きるか 

Everyone, thank you for always reading our blog. It is Band Man mk - ii. This time, I borrowed this place in order to introduce the song I made.

Band Man Mk - Ⅱ 1st album [Blue Blood] A side Track 1 A Bizarre World (Bogan World)

The song I introduce this time is a song called "Bogan World". It is aggressive lyrics to clear the day's depression.

This song only songwriter, I did not make songs, but suddenly I came up with lyrics and wrote it at once. I do not think that it is a middle-melody or ... or how I can fit the lyrics, still I can not grasp the tips ....

Also, even if you create and post a movie (because you do not advertise at all or because of another cause) it will not be played by anyone at all, so it seems useless. I think that there are other meaningful things than continuing this activity, so I'm worried how long I will continue.

Talking back and talking about this work is a simple three-code rock and roll. Did you say that you brought the bass and guitar on the drum that you played in practice and attached lyrics ...? Indeed, since drums currently recorded on the equipment are only fixed patterns, I think that we will compose songs with simple songs on the contrary using that. After that, I think that I will make works that properly composed songwriting.

I, the hobby of the music of Band Man mk - Ⅱ is from the music hall of the 1920 's and the rock of the 1960' s and the hard rock of the 1970 's, so I will incorporate the unique essence while referring to the music of that age .

I will keep track of the lyrics!

The world is already gone I'm obsolete They are infested

I do not know where I will be killed Escape but I may win.

Those who have money to run away from money because they do not have money laugh

Always the world inequality will never get better forever

While politicians' waste of taxes makes us struggle

Huge house too is a dream that will not come true for a lifetime of affordability

Working for a company is tired of every routine, just a complaints

Workers who can not be floated even if they drink alcohol or smoke

Always watch around when you come home with tea

I am dangerous while I am in and out of school

It is not decent There are only two techniques to live in this world

Do you live without dyeing or living?

It's a short life