【オリジナル曲】マンネリ化した世界と人間共 World Became a Rut【Original Song】

作詞作曲・・・Band Man Mk-Ⅱ
演   奏・・・全楽器-Band Man Mk-Ⅱ
録音機材・・・Micro BR-80
使用楽器・・・Guitar-Grover Jackson Dinky Type
         Bass Guitar-Mavis Precision Bass Type
         Drums- Yamaha DTX Drums DMR502
         Piano-Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

歌詞・・・帰れない 今日もまた 9時くらいまで残業だ
     まあ別に 恋人もいないし そういう扱いだ

     いろんな仕事を取ってくるのはいいけど 頼むから押し付けてこないでくれ
     だって仕事ってチームで気にかけるものだろ  どうして俺にばっかくるんだ・・・。

     でもやはり 少しだけ 期待してた俺がバカだった
     会社での 所属が同じ だけで仲間ではなかった

     そりゃ自分の任された仕事以上は 誰もやりたがらないだろう
     俺が異常だったんだ 割り当てだけをさっさとこなせばよかったんだ

     はぁ・・・。 ~Guitar Solo~

     さてようやく 仕事終了 雨の中駅まで徒歩でいく
     人気のない 駅の構内 端っこにホームレスのジジイ

     あんなふうにならないために 俺は会社で働いてるのかもしれない
     そう思うと 明日も仕事頑張れそうな気がする・・・。


・著作権はBand Man mk-Ⅱに帰属します。

 この曲は、もろに私の最も敬愛するアーティスト「The Kinks」の初期のサウンドを意識しています。曲構成やコードが酷似しているのが、逆にポイントかと…。







Lyric composition · · · Band Man Mk - Ⅱ
Performance · · All instruments - Band Man Mk - Ⅱ
Recording equipment · · · Micro BR - 80
Instrument used ... Guitar-Grover Jackson Dinky Type
Bass Guitar - Mavis Precision Bass Type
Drums - Yamaha DTX Drums DMR 502
Piano-Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

Lyrics ... I can not return home Today is overtime until 9 o'clock
Well there is no lover or something like that

It is nice to get a lot of work but please do not push me
Because it's what the team cares about working Why have you wrapped around me ...

But I thought I was a little stupid
I belonged to the same company at the same company and it was not a friend

Well, nobody would want to do more than the job I was assigned to
I was wrong I ought to have done all the assignments quickly

Huh .... ~ Guitar Solo ~

Well finished my work Finally walking to the station in the rain
Homeless Jijiyi at the edge of a premises station

Maybe I am working at a company so that it will not be that way
If I think so, I feel I can work hard tomorrow.

Yes, I am working to eat ... · · ·.

· Prohibited without permission
· The copyright belongs to Band Man mk - Ⅱ.

This song is conscious of the early sound of my most beloved artist "The Kinks" as well. Whether the song composition or the code is very similar, on the contrary ....
However, if you infringe copyright, delete it immediately. Also, I will be careful not to post advertisements etc. on this song, thank you (- _ -)

This song completed recording and mixing on December 20, 2017. I did not prepare the lyrics, and I piled up with the drums, basses, guitar, piano, from the feeling that "I want to record songs like kinks once"!
So, the lyrics you post are what you thought later (sweat

Anyway, Kinks is nice. It is an artist that I think that it was good that I was only able to find out interestingly investigating music.
Although it is a personal opinion, nothing is impressed by the songs of artists other than Kinks. The lyrics of their songs were too good, because their way of thinking changed. It was shocking that I met Kinks for that much.

Well, this song was played with image of today's routine world. I like the sound of electric guitar (^ _ ^)
The reason why I have to think about such a thing is that in the long run the current Japanese government will decay the people and not raise the labor wages of individuals, especially the countryside and the poor. As a result, the hearts of Japanese citizens became exhausted and they were always irritated. I think that you can understand if you can see the state of the cash register at the convenience store.
I put this anger inside of me into such song every day.

I pridefully believe that this contemporary Japanese situation is the underlying theme of my work making. I would like to create works to express their views on the current situation.

I like the piano hanging at the guitar solo. By the way the author has never learned the piano. That's why the piano is fluctuating in other songs, right? I just started doing after my parents got my room at the age of 18 ....

That's it, it's a memorial as this song's piano is a virgin performance for me too ....