【オリジナル曲】精神疾患 Mentall Illness【Original Song】

作詞作曲・・・Band Man Mk-Ⅱ
演   奏・・・全楽器-Band Man Mk-Ⅱ
録音機材・・・Micro BR-80
使用楽器・・・Guitar-Grover Jackson Dinky Type
         Bass Guitar-Mavis Precision Bass Type
         Drums- Yamaha DTX Drums DMR502
         Piano-Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

・著作権はBand Man mk-Ⅱに帰属します。

歌詞…もう生きていても 何も意味が無くなった
     毎日毎日 変わらない風景で
     私の脳内も 半分染め上げられてる
     死んだ方が そのままあの世に行ける
     だから 今こうして ロープと台を
     もうすぐ 死ねる 死んでやる

     首にロープをかけて 台から足を離そうとする
     体中から嫌な汗が 噴き出してきて気持ちが悪い
     あと少しで死ねるのに どうして最後の一歩が

     愛する娘よ よく聞いてほしい
     この手紙を読んでいる頃には 私は死んでいるだろう
     だからこそ 君には生きてほしい
     だけどそれは まがいものだ  惑わされてはいけない
     君を値踏みしてくる奴らは無視して  逃げて





 納期が無くてもびしっと動ける人間に早くなりたいです …


Lyric composition · · · Band Man Mk - Ⅱ
Performance · · All instruments - Band Man Mk - Ⅱ
Recording equipment · · · Micro BR - 80
Instrument used ... Guitar-Grover Jackson Dinky Type
Bass Guitar - Mavis Precision Bass Type
Drums - Yamaha DTX Drums DMR 502
Piano-Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

· Prohibited without permission
· The copyright belongs to Band Man mk - Ⅱ.

Lyrics ... Even if I live, nothing has become meaningless
With a landscape that does not change everyday everyday
Everything is dyed gray
My brain has also been dyed half
Rather than losing myself as it is dyed
The person who died can go to the other world as it is
So now I do the rope and the table
Are you preparing?
I will die soon soon will die

I try to hold my rope around my neck and take my foot off the platform.
Unpleasant sweat blows out from my body and I feel bad
Why is the last step going to die in a little while
Can not you step on?
Apart from that it is not required by anyone
Incompetitive and productive
It is a human who can not leave good results in the test

I want you to listen carefully to my beloved daughter
By the time I read this letter I will be dead
That's why I want you to live
You will be devised in various ways from now on
But it should be mischievous Do not be deceived
Ignoring those running away from you, running away
Live a life that is not caught by values

I'll keep watching you forever

This song has memories that I recorded on December 18 or 20, 2017.

I thought about hitting the electronic drum, when I was studying sounds in various ways, I found the electronic sound of the intro, I combined them one by one and made it as one song. I think that making instruments playing a melody into a pipe organ of an electronic piano was quite incomprehensible.

This song is my favorite too (^ _ ^)
I realized by creating this song that various sounds overlap, when I make music, there is an expression of infinite sound, and the dust will disappear. So, it probably will be the record company and the affiliated artist to set a delivery date .... As with any job.

I want to become faster for people who can move daily without a delivery date ...
And the songs are packed with the darkness of human heart, regret and jealousy, contempt, anger, etc. It also appears in lyrics, but this is also attached afterwards ....

For me, I feel that it was a very learning song. No matter how many times I listen to it, I think that it is a song with a unique atmosphere that I can not imagine like I made ... 0 ^ 0