【オリジナル曲】空襲 Air Raid【Original Song】

All Instruments Play And Vocal:Band Man mk-Ⅱ(Age 19)

Use Recording Kits:Boss Micro BR-80

Guitar:Monogram MR-700

Bass:Mavies Precision Bass Type

Piano:Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

Drums:Yamaha DTX Drums DMR502



・著作権はBand Man mk-Ⅱに帰属します。








All Instruments Play And Vocal: Band Man mk - Ⅱ (Age 19)

Use Recording Kits: Boss Micro BR-80

Guitar: Monogram MR-700

Bass: Mavies Precision Bass Type

Piano: Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

Drums: Yamaha DTX Drums DMR 502

Note! There is the possibility of reminiscing each fear. Please refrain from viewing if you are not good at it.

· Prohibited without permission

· The copyright belongs to Band Man mk - Ⅱ.

There was a record that this song ended recording and mastering on August 29, 2018.

This song, while keeping pointing at the shield of the guitar, recording eight tracks of noise generated from selecting recording with an external microphone, applying different effects to them and shedding by time difference I made it as one song. Rather than a song, is it a sound collage?

We have compiled images of machines' operating sounds, such as "fighter aircraft" and "factory manufacturing machines" made by humans. Since I first thought of the noise sound, I thought "it sounds like a machine running sound," the cause is there.

Again, there is no control over war, discrimination, destructive weapons, forbidden drugs, doing things disliked by people, increasing value of values, violence, guns, grotesque, erotic, sexual offenses, autocratic politics, money I strongly believe. Even in fiction, I think that it is impossible to draw scenes that shape it and kill people.

I am bored with listening to excuses that are convenient and freedom of expression. Works should be made according to the moral as a minimum human being. In a truly equal world, always accompany the wish to come. My thoughts are always underlying in my work.

If both politicians seriously wish to enrich the country, they wore work suit and came to work, exterminate weeds and pests throughout the country, pick up garbage, set their salary as university graduate civil service level, and float the money Put in from where we turn to the people. Do not hire people and do garbage disposal, road construction, weeding, show me what they do. Rather, it can be made with just that. I will do so. Anyway they are taking time out. I'm only taking time to move. Also, I just inefficient talks with Dara's. Put the job off quickly.

Do not forgive the people, who do not do such things, and who are lazy. Even now it is not too late, so let's have an opinion to them.