【オリジナル曲】Life Is Fight (Band Man mk-Ⅱ Channel Theme Song)【Original Song】

All Instruments Play And Vocal:Band Man mk-Ⅱ(Age 19)

Use Recording Kits:Boss Micro BR-80

Guitar:Monogram MR-700

Bass:Mavies Precision Bass Type

Piano:Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

Drums:Yamaha DTX Drums DMR502

歌詞:何もかも忘れて さっさと死にたい

   こんなクソな世の中 生きてる価値無い

   でもここで死んだら 奴らの思う壺

   そんな風にして 死ぬのはごめんだ

   嫌なことばかりでも 歯を食いしばって

   流しながら生きてく それしかないのさ

   この戦いからは 逃れられないのか

   生きていくことは いつも辛いことばかり

   どこで殺されるか わかったもんじゃない

   どこで殺すのかも 事故であるかもしれない

   愚かな人間たちが 生きている限りは

   真に平和な社会は来ないだろう  Hey!


・著作権はBand Man mk-Ⅱに帰属します。




 そういう視線は、The KinksのRay Davies氏の作風の影響を強烈に受けています。しかし、ユーモアが足りないというか、直接的なのがまだまだだと痛感しています。もっとジョークや皮肉の考え方を身につけたいですね(^U^)

 お気づきかもしれませんが、これは自作曲「時給771円…」を使っています。あちらはPhone Effectによってくぐもっていましたが、これはエフェクトをかけないでそのままにしました。また、リバーブをかけたことで、古い音楽スタジオというか、クラブハウス(バンドの)での演奏のような雰囲気を出すことができたと思います。


All Instruments Play And Vocal: Band Man mk - Ⅱ (Age 19)

Use Recording Kits: Boss Micro BR-80

Guitar: Monogram MR-700

Bass: Mavies Precision Bass Type

Piano: Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

Drums: Yamaha DTX Drums DMR 502

Lyrics: Forget everything and I want to die quickly

There is no value living in such a fucking world

But if you died here, their vase

I am sorry to die like that

Even with all the disgusting things, clenching teeth

I live while sinking It's only it

Can not you escape from this fight?

It is always hard for us to live

I do not know where I will be killed

It may be an accident where to kill

As long as fools are alive

A truly peaceful society will not come Hey!

· Prohibited without permission

· The copyright belongs to Band Man mk - Ⅱ.

This song ended recording and mastering on August 13, 2018. It is a short song, but I personally like it.

From this time, I began to pay attention to mastering, and I now finely adjust the volume, the arrangement of the sounds, the size of the sound of each instrument and the reverb. Also, the number of repeated recordings has increased, and I have been getting touched by the inexperience and immaturity of my music (Prior to that, even if I failed more than 50 times without playing the piano at all, I erased it, it failed, it went out and I was repeating.

Basically it is such radical lyrics when I make songs. I am just writing the world, but since I have a habit of escalating with nature, I would like to pay attention in the future.

Such a gaze is intensely receiving the influence of Ray Davies' style of The Kinks. However, I am keenly aware that it is not enough for humor or direct. I want to acquire a more joked and sarcastic idea (^ U ^)

As you may have noticed, this is my own composition "hourly wage 771 yen ..." is used. Over there I was muffled by Phone Effect, but I left it without putting any effects on it. Also, by applying reverb, I think that I was able to give an atmosphere like an old music studio or a clubhouse (band) performance.

Because the real author's room is just a room, I thought that recent machines really made too many things ... (~ _ ~)
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