【オリジナル曲】未来=地獄 Future is Hell【Original Song】

演   奏・・・Band Man Mk-Ⅱ
録音機材・・・Micro BR-80
使用楽器・・・Guitar-Epiphone SG G-400

・著作権はBand Man mk-Ⅱに帰属します。




 二十万円もするフェンダーのストラトキャスターでも、中古で5,400円のレスポールタイプでも、こうやってアンプやエフェクターを使ってしまえば大して違わない(作者のは中古で二万円のEpiphone SGです)。






Performance · · · Band Man Mk - Ⅱ
Recording equipment · · · Micro BR - 80
Instrument used ... Guitar-Epiphone SG G-400

· Prohibited without permission
· The copyright belongs to Band Man mk - Ⅱ.

There is a memory like this song recorded around April of 2018 ....

In order to experimentally play the electric guitar effect, it is only one guitar. Since my feelings and performance and sound quality matched unexpectedly, I just tried it as one song.

But I recorded this song by saying, "Electric guitar is all, sound does not change a lot?"

Even Fender's Stratocaster that makes two hundred thousand yen, even if it is second-hand Les Paul type of 5,400 yen, it does not differ greatly if you use amps and effectors like this (the author's second-hand Epiphone SG of 20,000 yen) .
That is such a foolish thing because it is put on the impression operation of the brand that has accumulated until today.

Even cheap guitars, products, if it feels comfortable, will not it be natural and beautiful ...?
This neighborhood depends on personal values, but I think so. Ignoring the high price car, house, meal, product, if you do not need it. I guess there will be no choice but to live like that ....

And this song is an image of the image that the guitar is lamenting about the future. In such a future, it is only general that it is a small Oyama even if it becomes big in Japan.

What is really needed in modern times is not a smartphone, not a net, a convenience store or a company, but to ask the administrators of the country to cooperate with each other and to raise the labor wage at first to satisfy our labor pay. I think that it can be said to all countries.

If that is impossible, it would be easier for people who lived in farming like the Edo period, forgetting all the work and products of the present era as they have been buildings and so on. It is nausea to get to work at work every day. Or perfectly accustomed, did you level up to the company slaughter?

In a small community, I am self-sufficient every day. I will cooperate with others from other areas. I think that it is a good life without complaints.
For me, I think that this era should emulate the life of the Edo period in Japan.

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