【オリジナル曲】緑の草原 Green Grand【Original Song】

作詞作曲・・・Band Man Mk-Ⅱ
演   奏・・・全楽器-Band Man Mk-Ⅱ
録音機材・・・Micro BR-80
使用楽器・・・Guitar-Epiphone SG G-400
         Bass Guitar-Mavis Precision Bass Type
         Drums- Yamaha DTX Drums DMR502
         Piano-Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

・著作権はBand Man mk-Ⅱに帰属します。

歌詞・・・会社勤めに疲れて どこかに逃げたくなった時
     俺には隠れ蓑がある それは近くの公民館の
     手前に群生している 小さな小さな森
     俺にとっては でっかいでっかい森なんだ

     そこで木の幹に耳を当て 人間の声を忘れようとする
     木は何も言葉を使わないが 葉っぱを落として話してる
     枝をゆすって笑いあってる ぼろぼろになって悟りを開く

     葉っぱのじゅうたんに寝そべって 木々に悩みを話してみる
     俺ももう26だから 自分の家とか奥さんを探すとか

     気がつけばもう真っ赤な夕日が 向こうの家々の合間から
     俺の方を微笑んでいる時間だった すっかり眠りこけていたようだ
     鞄を持って 身なりを直して

     次に行ったのは1ヶ月後 そういうサイクルで俺はダメになる
     しかし工事中で遠くから 木々が伐採されていくのを見ているだけで
     声をかけることも 理由も聞かず

     俺の癒しが無くなった 俺には酒もたばこもエロもネットもいらない
     あの木々に触れることしか ストレス解消が無かったのに





Lyric composition · · · Band Man Mk - Ⅱ
Performance · · All instruments - Band Man Mk - Ⅱ
Recording equipment · · · Micro BR - 80
Instrument used ... Guitar-Epiphone SG G-400
Bass Guitar - Mavis Precision Bass Type
Drums - Yamaha DTX Drums DMR 502
Piano-Yamaha Digital Piano P-105

· Prohibited without permission
· The copyright belongs to Band Man mk - Ⅱ.

Lyrics · · · When I became tired of my company's job and wanted to escape somewhere
I have a hidden coin It's a nearby public hall
A small little forest clustered in front
It's a big huge forest for me

I try to forget the human voice by placing my ears on the trunk of the tree
Though trees do not use words, they drop their leaves and talk
I shook a branch and laughed and it became crumbling and opened my enlightenment
It is made from the company's boss · · ·.

Let's lie on the carpet of the leaf and try to talk about trouble to the trees
I am already 26 so I'm looking for my house or wife
Legacy after death, family care etc
Can you do it if you do it in order?

When I notice it, a bright red sunset is coming from between the houses over there
It was time I smiled, It seems I was completely sleeping
Hold the bag and fix yourself
I will come again next time

Next time I went on in such a cycle one month later
However, I am looking at the fact that the trees are being cut down from a distance while under construction
I do not hear your voice or ask why
I just could not get upset

I do not need sake, tobacco, erotic nets and net for me who has no healing
Although stress relief was the only thing that touched those trees
They all got necked
The solar panel was downright and laughed at me

All I remained to Hell every day and company work

There was a record that I recorded and mastered this song on January 3, 2018.

It is the first song I learned that the atmosphere changes when I apply effects and reverb. Also, I found that linking with titles and lyrics also leads to making songs have a big meaning.

The direction of songs and lyrics put the image of wanting to live quietly in the forest, escaping from work and noise, human trouble, work. In fact, if you want to do it would be better to have a better life ....

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